Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Avalokiteshvara (Compassion & Purification Practice; A Short Chenrezig Meditation)

This is the 25th entry from my fieldwork diary. The original date is 04.10.2010.


*I was unable to go so my mother wrote instead of me.


Drupon Sangyas:

"You can recite this mantra whenever you want. It's one of the best buddhist methods - all sentient beings need help. We all need someone with an open heart. When you are loved and cared for, you also become more loving and caring towards other people - you become happier. We need to reach that state of love and become free of suffering spontaneously. Our mind would suffer without this practice.

The mantras can help one see things more clearly. All beings need love. If we don't help ourselves it's more difficult to get help from elsewhere. The mind is constantly thinking something but through meditation and practice we become more open and the mind is more loving and calm.

So this mantra is necessary. It brings blessings for the whole family-tree. It also increases your compassion and wisdom.
Material wealth and beauty will not make us happy if we have no compassion.

We will pray for the universe and for all sentient beings. Visualize the HRI syllable and its light upon your heart."


*Important side note: These diary entries do not reflect every word the teacher said, and there may be some mistakes or misunderstandings, for which I am sorry and accept responsibility. In a few instances, I have interjected my own interpretation or explanation.

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