Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Avalokiteshvara (Compassion & Purification Practice; A Short Chenrezig Meditation)

This is the 22nd entry from my fieldwork diary. The original date is 27.09.2010.


Drupon Sangyas:

"It is more powerful to do practices and mantras together than it is to do them alone.

When you do practices you must carefully watch yourself and make sure that your heart is open. When you have bad dreams you need help.

The Chenrezig practice is not only meant for your own good, it is also a very good way of helping other sentient beings. We must devote ourselves to other people to give rise to good merit. When we do this practice we decrease everything negative.

Buddhists view every sentient being as their kind mother. It is easier for animals to create negative karma because they hunt for other sentient beings for food. They may end up in hell that way. There is a thousand times more hunger and heat in hell.

Through this practice you can benefit all beings. You mustn't choose whom to do this for, you must do it for everyone.

In Ladakh and Tibet, people chant OM MANI PADME HUNG the minute they wake up in the morning and when they go to sleep."


Then Drupon Sangyas showed us his prayer wheel.


"Inside the prayer wheel is a small scroll with this mantra (endlessly repeated). So when you move it, the mantra is recited a thousand times and it spreads everywhere.

If you have bad eyesight you should recite this mantra and visualize Avalokiteshvara, and imagine that he is giving you a new eye that can see everything. My father did this and it helped him.

If we have no love and compassion we have lost our way. To increase this we need to practice and meditate. It is good for your own self and for others. The good karma will carry on to your next lives."


*Important side note: These diary entries do not reflect every word the teacher said, and there may be some mistakes or misunderstandings, for which I am sorry and accept responsibility. In a few instances, I have interjected my own interpretation or explanation.

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