Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vajrasattva Meditation Practice

This is the fourth entry from my fieldwork diary. The original date is 19.05.2010.


Drupon Sangyas:

"It is unvirtuous to harm other living beings, and to lie and steal. It causes bad karma. Living a virtuous life is a good path towards reaching enlightenment. We must practice, meditate and confess our sins. It is better to be honest than to lie. If we are still stuck in Samsara, we must've done something wrong in a previous life, we have a changing mind. But one must be determined to constantly improve and develop views for the better.
You create negative karma by speaking negative things. Not only thoughts but also words hold a lot of power. And that is why it is important to visualize a calm mind. Overcome ignorance. Practice faith with a peace of mind and silence. Vajrasattva is for purification."


*Important side note: These diary entries do not reflect every word the teacher said, and there may be some mistakes or misunderstandings, for which I am sorry and accept responsibility. In a few instances, I have interjected my own interpretation or explanation.


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